I’ve been away from my blog for a while, really before it’s had time to “take off”—but for good reason. A few, actually.

On a spur-of-the-moment decision, we flew from San Diego to Hawaii to visit my family.


Our son, a Broviac and G-tube child, had another surgery… This time a positive one! He got his central line (intravenous nutrition into his heart) removed.

Immediately following this, I found out that we are expecting.

We bought a new construction home sight-unseen, that completes on New Years’ Eve.

And did I mention that a few short weeks after this, we drove across the country to move to the East Coast?


Unfortunately, this also meant I took some time off from working on my WIP (work in progress) for a couple weeks. I mean, I added a few paragraphs here and there from the confines of a motel bed or two—most memorably from a roach-infested, roadside Best Western, and then from the middle of nowhere West Virginia.

But inspiration was heavily lacking.

The beautiful thing though, is that amidst the chaos, my world and its characters were still there when we finally reached our destination. Something I almost feared as a first-time attempting novelist, wouldn’t be the case.

Once we settled into our temporary home, I lit candles, put on my angsty music (I’ll share my Spotify playlist one day), and got to work. On top of that, I’d totally forgotten that talented artist and book illustrator Gabriella Bujdoso was working on this lovely character piece for me. I’ve commissioned my brain children a few times in the past two years; somehow, seeing them interpreted by my writing helps boost my creativity.


For the past two years, my anxiety and birth PTSD told me daily that writing a full-length book is unattainable. That no one would read it. Just as I thought I’d never heal from our daughter’s passing—two Springs ago, I couldn’t even get out of bed to shower or feed myself, I was so broken.

Yet here I am today, navigating parenthood one day at a time with my spouse who’s become my own personal Darkling. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to intern at an innovative publishing house, learning from the best.

Here I am, rewriting the last chapter of a project that will be roughly turn out to be 120k words.

What is it they say? Tell me I can’t do something. I’ll do it twice, and take pictures.

Anxiety, you are a boggart. Nothing more.

Synopsis (Title under reconstruction):

“Once upon a time, there was a princess who could speak to Darklings—the monsters lurking in the woods surrounding her castle. Days before her coronation, Lilac receives a gold envelope offering freedom from the curse causing the townsfolk of Paimpont to dread her impending reign. Risking it all, she ventures through the enchanted forest Brocéliande in search of the elusive witch who can help her—and to understand the meaning of her own powers.

As fate would have it, she meets a mysterious barkeep at the inn where she is forced to take shelter for the night. All appears normal, until he shows up at her bedchamber door with a proposition—and it seems he wants more than to buy her a drink.

With his help, Lilac must meet the witch and return to the castle in time for her ceremony, or else relinquish her throne to the next noble family vying for power. That is, if the Darklings don’t get to her first.

This is the tale of a princess who wanted redemption,

a monster who craved his old ways of chaos,

And the crumbling kingdom that waited to watch them fail.”

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